Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy Tumbling Blocks Quilt

I wrote a couple of months ago that I was going to start quilting again, now that the baby is a little older. It turns out that as kids grow from immobile infants to rampaging toddlers, hobbies that involved cutting blades and hundreds of sharp pins actually becomes MORE dangerous and difficult. Who knew?

I have found my solution in a quilters guild. This weekend, I went to my first gathering of a Modern Quilters Guild (i.e. most everyone was born after the Great Depression). I packed a half dozen unfinished projects to take with me.

I had a great time meeting the amazing quilters who were there, and being able to work on my projects for a few hours. Screw trying to quilt at home. For now, I am just going to dedicate one day a month to quilting with these ladies.
One of the projects I worked on was a cheater's version of the Tumbling Blocks pattern. This pattern uses three groups of colors (darks, mediums and lights), cut in a diamond shape, and arranged to create an optical illusion of 3-D baby blocks. I have long admired quilts with this pattern, but it requires paper piecing (hand sewing), which I have no patience for. So I have rigged a cheater's method to achieve the same effect.

I cut all of the pieces into the requisite diamond shape (there are plastic templates you can buy for this). Then, I ironed all of the pieces on to a backing material using double-sided fusible interfacing. I then used a zig zag stich to sew all of the pieces permanently to the backing.

If you do not mind the look of the zig zag stitch bordering each piece, then this is a great way to complete a quilt quickly that would have otherwise taken me months!

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Karisa said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for participating in our blog hop. I hope you'll come back next month and show us what else you've made!