Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer's Exit

On advice of other blogs, I am roasting some of my tomatoes before freezing.

Summer is getting ready for her exit and I am checking my tomato plants for a few more ripened fruits to freeze for the winter. I have covered my winter sprouts with the Gro-Therm that I used in the spring to keep my tomatoes and peppers warm. I have my fingers crossed for spicy salads to warm my days when the sun retires every evening at four o'clock.

Gro-Therm over the winter greens

Hey - I forgot about these! Nice surprise.
This weekend, we fired up the grill at my parent's house, possibly for the last time this year. That is my zucchini on the grill.

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Sustainable Eats said...

Every year I mean to cover my greens and I never do. I bet you'll be happy you did this year - it's supposed to be a really hard winter. So good seeing you yesterday! And thanks for linking up to Simple Lives Thursday.