Tuesday, January 11, 2011

101 things to do in 1001 days

I have been inspired. I read another blogger's list of 101 goals that she plans on completing within 1001 days. Its called the Day Zero Project. I love to set "intentions" for myself. Resolutions sound so difficult - to resolve yourself to make something happen and then to feel bad when you fail. But an intention is a turning towards, a laying of the way, an inspiration for the heart. 

I am easily inspired. Sometimes my husband has to remind me that another new project may not be the best idea at the moment. In fact, in 2010, four of my intentions involved ending commitments and saying 'no' to new ones. 

When I told a friend of mine about the Day Zero Project, she wasn't surprised. "You are the most goal orientated person I've ever met," she said. She's right. I love new ideas, new experiences, new inspiration. So, here goes it! My 101 intentions for the next 1001 days.  

If you have one of these skills, access, or knowledge, and would like to help me make any of these happen, please let me know! You will be compensated by my grateful and entertaining company, as well as very good goal-completion karma (priceless!). 
  1. kill, clean and eat a chicken
  2. learn to bake a great baguette
  3. get rid of the Christmas tree before the tree recycling program is over
  4. eat xiao long bao dumplings
  5. learn to make Edith's won tons
  6. milk a cow (again)
  7. go crabbing 
  8. catch a salmon 
  9. visit Goldmeyer hot springs
  10. go on a girls retreat weekend
  11. act as a staigaire at a 5 star restaurant
  12. go to the circus 
  13. regularly attend a quilting group 
  14. see a baby be born 
  15. host a tweetup
  16. take a food photography class
  17. visit Salt Springs Island
  18. eat primarily from from my garden for one month
  19. bind my three unfinished quilt
  20. Bla blhjhkjhkhkhka blab la bla
  21. go on a family walk together twice a month
  22. reflect on gratitude every night for 30 nights
  23. Jog for one mile without resting
  24. do 3 chin-ups in a row
  25. eat at the Herbfarm
  26. host a charity dinner
  27. acquire a mircoplane
  28. fluidly play Amazing Grace on the fiddle 
  29. submit to the Sun Magazine's 'readers write' section every month for a year
  30. learn to make perfect gnocci  
  31. keep a my-day-in-6-words journal for a year
  32. learn 6 'signature' dishes from the cook who makes it
  33. post a photo a month for Shutter Sisters for 6 months
  34. grow the traffic on my blog by ten fold
  35. see my writing in print - on real paper - in a national format at least twice
  36. take my son to visit his aunties for a sleep-over
  37. switch the posts on my earrings to gold so that I can wear them again (allergy!)
  38. make dinner for a single mom with a new baby
  39. start a KIVA account
  40. take a girl's night out at least once a month 
  41. get the airbags replaced in my car
  42. take a daily vitamin
  43. own a meyer lemon tree
  44. make corned beef from scratch (including the brine)
  45. get a replacement head and start using my sonicare toothbrush again
  46. Try dim sum at T and T Seafood restaurant
  47. visit Allium on Orcas restaurant 
  48. learn to make a pie from Kate McDermott
  49. complete my professional licensing
  50. get my second (and last) tattoo 
  51. start a business
  52. teach my son at least 10 signs (ASL)
  53. learn to use my dslr on manual settings
  54. sunbathe on a secluded beach
  55. write a will
  56. become comfortable with the dsmIV
  57. ride the entire Burke Gilman trail on my bike
  58. learn to make cheese
  59. start a movement
  60. participate in a scavenger hunt
  61. go geocaching
  62. pick berries
  63. purchase a quarter of a locally raised cow
  64. float down a river on an innertube 
  65. learn to make light and fluffy Akara (black eyed pea fritters)
  66. Bla bla blab la bla
  67. finish an optical illusion quilt
  68. make gallons of pesto (to last the winter) from my own basil
  69. grow enough potatoes to store for winter
  70. grow garlic for the first time
  71. replace the airbags in my car
  72. grow purple sprouting broccoli 
  73. teach my son to swim
  74. carve a wood-block stamp
  75. teach my son to send thank you cards 
  76. soften my heart towards a reconciliation
  77. Bla bla blhjhabhjhjhjhj la bla
  78. Bla bla blab lahjjk bla 
  79. organize my digital photos 
  80. get printed photo albums up to date
  81. send my Auntie a card for every major holiday
  82. write a personal manifesto
  83. read more
  84. get a professional family portrait done
  85. make a monthly entry in my baby's (and all future babies') baby book
  86. smoke something (fish, salt...) 
  87. visit at least 6 food producers to see how its done
  88. complete the dark days of winter SOLE food challenge 
  89. set up a sewing space at home
  90. donate or consign 20% of the clothing in my closet
  91. Meet more bloggers, writers, chefs and food lovers
  92. Find more enjoyable, paid, writing opportunities
  93. get recordings of my dad singing his best songs
  94. eat pizza at Delancey
  95. teach a class
  96. get a personal cosmetic lesson
  97. do a round-brush hair lesson
  98. go clamming 
  99. *insert great goal I think of after hitting publish*
  100. put aside $10 for each complete goal (to spend on a little trip!)
  101. donate $10 for each incomplete goal
* If the goal is blacked out, it means that the husband has censored it for its personal nature. 

I'll be posting the more interesting aspects of my progress on a regular basis. You can follow my progress my clicking on the 101 goals button under the header at the top of this blog. If you are also doing 101 goals - I would love to read your list too!


Jackie said...

These are great! I can probably help with a couple of these, too, if you want!

YAY! I'll post mine soon! Good luck to you. xo


Ginger said...

Great goals Lara! Some will be pretty hard......how about trade offs? Like clamming instead of crabbing and do you really want to ring a chickens' neck and pluck it? hummmm It was fun to read.

Tea said...

I'll get in touch next summer about making pesto. I do that every year and always happy for company (pesto-fest '11!).

I also know how to make gnocchi (funny, I already taught a friend, as part of her life list).

I can also give you the basics of shooting on manual (though Jackie might be more accomplished in this dept). Photo walk sometime?

How about a girl's night out at Delancey? :-)

paola: mirrormirror said...

Love your list, and I feel very honoured to be an inspiration to anybody :) Here's to a super fun three years!

Sharon said...

Let's see... I'm in for 4, 15, 16, 40, 51, 96 and I have some great contacts for 84!

You inspire me!

Anonymous said...

You were already my role model before this, and if you succeed with just half the list I have to learn a new word that describes an even higher and better role model!

Good luck! Especially with airbags, that you'll change twice :P