Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOLE Food: handmade Gnocchi for dinner

I have been thinking about my soft little gnocchi clouds that I made with Chef Lisa last week. I am a little scared to make them myself, but one only learns through practice. I have been looking for more recipes that use potatoes and eggs, since they are easy SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, Local, Ethical) ingredients to find in the winter, so gnocchi will work perfectly.

I have invited a few friends over for dinner and plan to serve these tonight with a very simple tomato and cream sauce. My guests are bringing the salad, the dessert and the wine, so I can concentrate on the gnocchi. My son will be pulling on my leg, opening the cupboards, and pouring his juice on the floor and otherwise  helping me, so I have that on my side.

The other chef in the hat of Seattle 

SOLE Notes: organic potatoes (WA), cage free eggs (WA), organic tinned tomatoes (CA), organic shallots (WA), organic half & half (WA) for my gnocchi dinner are from


vida_mama said...

This little helper looks soo cute!

Sophie said...

Yeah--that's why I don't make homemade gnocchi---I don't have an adorable little helper like that!