Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goal #16: Take a food photography class

Food is a difficult subject to capture well. You would think it would be easy - nothing moves, talks back, or points out their double chin in your best shot. But, food has to look appealing. The color can't be the slightest off, the light has to be perfect. A lot of really yummy things turn out looking like turds.

This is why I have been wanting to take a food photography class for sometime. Its on my list of goals. I thought I was getting a gift certificate for a class for Christmas, but I got earrings instead (thanks mom! I love the earrings!)

As it turns out, one of the best food photographers - Penny De Los Santos - is teaching a live online class, and its free! You can sign up for it here: creativeLIVE.

Penny is looking for six students to be in the studio of creativeLive and I am asking to be one of those students. You can ask too. Without furture introduction, here is my video submission. Fingers crossed!


Sustainable Eats said...

Wonderful! Oh I hope you get in!!

Kelly Martineau said...

Nice work, Lara. And a good question! Keep us posted.

Jamie Weber said...

Lara, great job! I loved the integration of your family. You are so deserving. As a non-red-meat-eater I would love to hear what the answer to your question is.

Kat Walsh said...

Ok, I just posted my video and I have to say yours is great! I think it's so funny and witty! Good luck! Maybe we'll see each other there... ; )

Mindy said...

Good luck, great submission!

I read through your list of goals as well. What an inspiring project. You asked us to let you know if we can help with any- I can definitely help you with #10, I'm great at planning getaways- lol. Seriously, we should do a women's bloggers getaway- that would help you with goal #91 too!!

Lara said...

Thank you for the well wishes Annette, Kelly, Jamie and Mindy! Good luck to you too Kat - when do we hear? Fingers crossed!