Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I do not want to believe the local weather expert when he says that we may be in a 30 year cooling trend in the Pacific Northwest. That is just horrible to contemplate. Thirty years is the bulk of my adult life. If it is true, it's a good thing that I like greens, because they will continue to be the most reliable producer in the garden of cold nights and wet days.

I grow a lot of different greens, so as to keep my salads interesting. There are spicy greens, tender-sweet greens, bitter greens, red-greens and purple-greens. There are curly greens, flowering greens, salty greens, earthy flavored greens.

Whenever I have seeds leftover from a packet of beets or spinach other other potential salad green, I add it to a small spice container that I keep in my garden basket. When I have more room in the garden for salad, I sprinkle this seed mix in and wait to see what pops up. I have dozens of varieties mixed in by now.

I took a photo (above) of this week's salad deconstructed. Clockwise from the top right: kale blossoms, sorrel, red lettuce, curly parsley, chive blossom, mizuna (mustard), chard, spinach. In the middle: thinned baby beets and mint.

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