A Propane Fire Pit Table Is the Perfect Addition To Your Living Space

Using the element of fire in your decor can turn your living space into an attractive area for relaxation or entertaining. A propane fire pit table can be a lovely focal point of this space. Whether you want to design area where you can entertain, or just have a place where you can lounge around and relax, you can consider the addition of a fire pit.

These fire pits come in many attractive designs. Figure out how much space you have overall in your area. You will want to have adequate seating areas for everyone if you intend to entertain there. Loungers offer a place where you can put up your feel. Ottomans can serve as a footrest or a place where you can place a tray of snacks and beverage.

When considering the addition of a fire pit in your living area, do not forget safety measures. The right type of fire pit screen should be used to prevent any flames from getting to places where they are not suppose to go. When you are shopping for your fire pit, do not forget to get the right screening.

Look for propane fire pit tables that are solidly made from iron and stone. There are many manufacturers of fire pit tables out there, but they vary greatly in beauty and quality. Avoid ones with inferior workmanship because that can result in a greater risk of safety hazards. Do not shop by price along because you do get what you pay for. When shopping for anything that deals with flames, always get units made from the best materials. Not only is that a safer choice, but a high-quality product will provide you with many more years of use versus an inferior product that may fail on you after only a few years.

Visit a dealer or showroom with propane fire pit tables and get an idea of the designs and styles that are out there. Bring along the dimensions of your living space, whether it is an outdoor space or an indoor space. Narrow down your choices to the units that fit your dimensions. Look at the specs of the fire pits. If you intend to get a fire pit for indoor use, make sure the unit can be safely used indoors.  Fire Pit Plaza has some very high quality fire pit tables from California Outdoor Concepts.  These make beautiful backyard centerpieces.

A fire pit table is a great focal point for friends and family to gather around to talk and to have a good time. This is a great way to warm up those chilly evenings. The right fire pit table can enhance your decor in the most stylish way. Be sure to explore all of your options before you settle on one. Talk to your dealer about the various features of a propane fire pit table. Learn how to maintain one properly so that you will get enjoyment out of it, year after year. When you choose the right unit, it can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Home Acoustics

What Do Acoustic Diffusers Do?

Acoustic diffusers are a necessary addition to auditoriums, cafeteria, music rooms and presentation areas. As the name implies, they scatter the reflected sound into many different directions. The effect is high-quality sound within any room.

High-quality sound is especially important in music schools and music studios. If your room is suffering from high levels of background noise and high reverberation time, it will definitely benefit from sound diffusers.

There are actually many different types of diffusers. There are those that are specifically made walls and there are those that are specifically made ceilings with acoustic tiles. In terms of shape, they could either be in pyramid or barrel form with a square base. They can come in a variety of different finishes.

A company that specializes in sound diffusers won’t have a cookie-cutter solution across all spaces. Instead, it would identify what is causing the acoustic problem and make a custom solution for it.

For example, one company that worked on the Pennsylvania Academy of Music identified high ceiling, drywall ceilings and walls, and hardwood floors as the main cause of the school’s sound problem.

The company solved the problem by installing a fabric-covered wall system that reduced reverberation time by fifty-five percent and sound diffusers that produced high-quality sound.

In order to reduce the reverberation time, 432 square feet of 85 wall panels were installed six feet from the ceiling on the front walls cut the reverberation time. Also, 36 sound diffusers were installed on the lateral and rear walls to improve the sound quality for everyone in the room.

Those with a professional ear for music would know the difference that an acoustic diffuser makes.  Diffusers can scatter around ten times the sound as flat ceiling tiles.

Not all acoustic diffusers, however, would have the same sound absorption capabilities. Sound scattering capability is measured in terms of sound scattering coefficient. If an acoustic diffuser has a coefficient of 1.0, it means that it reflects 100% of sound, and scatters it in all direction. A coefficient of 0.0 means the sound is only reflected in one direction.

There are many companies out there that offer sound diffusers. If you don’t know where to find them, just search for “acoustic diffusion products” plus the name of your area on Google.

Don’t be content with hiring the first company you encounter online. Instead, be a smart client and ask for a quote from at least three companies.

As we said before, acoustic diffuser companies typically do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. That said, make sure to have a company representative visit the area where acoustic diffusers are to be installed before a price estimate is issued. Also, when it comes to the actual hiring, price shouldn’t be your only consideration. You should also consider the warranty and company’s previous work. That said, ask for a list of former clients.

The cost of installing custom sound diffuser solutions really depends on how many panels need to be used in order to decrease the sound reverberation time.