Air Conditioners: Worth It?

When the weather gets hot, people want to cool off inside their homes and when fans are just not cutting it, they wind up turning to the air conditioner to get cooled off. Air conditioning seems great and while you may think it’s not expensive to run, you’re sadly mistaken. Many people who have an idea as to how much an air conditioner can raise their electric bills in a month find themselves wondering if an air conditioner is really worth it.

So when you think about it and you do some research, you will learn that to operate an air conditioner, you will be spending an additional $40 to $120 per month. That cost doesn’t include what you are going to spend to purchase the unit in the first place and depending on the air conditioner you choose, you’re looking at a few hundred dollars at least. Now, sure, you will not be using the air conditioner every day or all year round, unless you’re living in a really warm climate, but the few months a year that you do have to pay to operate your air conditioner can really drain your pockets. You may even be thinking about all the extra money you could be using for something else right now.

The truth is, sure, air conditioners are great and can keep you and your family cool inside your home, but at the end of the day, they’re running you into a lot of money. You have to buy the unit and pay to have it installed which could require electricians to run wiring as well as HVAC contractors and on top of that you have to pay to run it and you could use that money for something else. Air conditioners are also not too great for the environment, so when you think about it, they’re not really worth the money or your time. Fans are still a better option, unless you want to opt for a central cooling system. Then, you’re winning at life.