Easy Green Cleaning Practices for Home Owners

Cleaning the home is made even healthier when you can accomplish your goals without the use of chemical products. The bulk of cleaning products in the market are harmful not just to the cleaners and homeowners, but also the environment into which the effluent will eventually trickle. Here are a few ways in which you can avoid contributing to this environmental problem. The solutions below don’t necessarily replace the need to hire a carpet cleaning and maid service, or buy commercial products, but they can help to reduce your environmental impact, and save you money.

  • Learn how to make your own cleaning products

Many of the most effective green cleaning products include ingredients that are easily available in most household kitchens. Items such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil and cornstarch are commonly available, and can be cheaply bought in bulk for both cooking and cleaning purposes. There are tons of simple recipes that can be prepared for cleaning everything from clothing to windows.

  • Buy Green

There is a growing niche of green cleaning products in the market. Even though you may not find many options at your local store, you can likely find a local supplier online. The prices are just as competitive as chemical based cleaning products meaning you will not have to dig deeper into your wallet. Also, talk to your cleaning provider. Many cleaning companies today make an effort to offer these kinds of products for clients who are more environmentally conscious. This is an easier solution where you may not have as much time to learn the varied recipes for DIY home cleaners.

  • Open up a window

Many people imagine that in order to have a lovely smelling home, they must use toxic air fresheners. While the air may end up smelling sweeter, anyone with an allergy to certain smells may end up having a fit. Even in colder temperatures, it is better to simply open up the window briefly for a clean breeze to waft through and leave your home smelling fresh without artificial odors. There are also odor killing DIY recipes that include effective ingredients like vinegar and baking soda that work well in enclosed spaces like refrigerators.

  • Recycle

Many old items that we consider throwing out can come in very handy when wanting to clean the home. Rather than invest in caustic tile cleaners to get dirt out of the tile grout, make use of old toothbrushes that have finer bristles than most other cleaning brushes in the market. Apply baking soda on the bristles and scrub away to get dirt out and disinfect the surface. Old towels can also be kept around for drying wet tiles and as absorbent floor rags.

  • Hot water

Water is an underrated cleaning tool, especially when it comes to cleaning out drains. Rather than invest in harsh drain cleaners, or degreasers, when your pipes seem clogged up, why not make a habit of pouring hot water down the sink and bath regularly. Boiling water will quickly cut through grease and push it further down the line into the sewers.